On May 27, 2019, at 16:30, a webinar for parents and educators "Attention Parents: How to Prevent Children's Keeping Online" will be held.

27 May 2019, 11:05

The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization Ukrainian Foundation for the Well-being of Children conduct a campaign "Attention parents".

The campaign has been developed in response to the problem of kidnapping children on the Internet, and draws the attention of parents and those who replace them to the urgency of the issue of protecting young people from online threats.

So, on May 27, 2019 at 16:30, the Ukrainian Child Wellbeing Foundation invites you to take part in the webinar "Attention to Parents: How to Prevent Children from Keeping Children Online".

Speaker: Ulyana Dolyniak, trainer, psychotherapeutist, director of the Center for Pedagogy of Trauma.

To participate, you must pre-register with the link: https://is.gd/y7Jj3w

Details: https://www.msp.gov.ua/news/17103.html