11 June 2019, 12:00

The acceptance of applications for participation in the competitive selection of business projects SHALL BE COMPLETED BY August 15.

Among the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, a competition for partial compensation of interest on loans is announced

The project of preferential lending to entrepreneurs of the Odessa region, which provides for partial compensation of interest on loans from the regional budget, is being implemented within the framework of the Program for the Development of Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises in Odesa Oblast for 2017-2020.

Subjects of small and medium enterprises are entitled to compensation, which:

- are registered as subjects of entrepreneurial activity in the Odessa region;

- do not have overdue wage arrears, as well as debts to the budget and state trust funds;

- are not in the stage of bankruptcy, liquidation

- carry out activities in the following economic activities:

> Processing industry

> Implementation of projects that involve the introduction of energy saving technologies

> Transport activities

> Activity in the field of tourism

Under the terms of the program, compensation for loans in UAH - 10,0% per annum, in foreign currencies - 5,0% per annum. The maximum loan amount is 5.0 mln.UAH, the maximum term is 3 years.

As a result of previous competitive selection, more than 50 applications were considered. The right to compensation has 24 investment projects with a total loan portfolio of about 70 million UAH.

Entrepreneurs who wish to take part in the competition must submit an application for participation in two copies to the tender commission and a package of documents stipulated by the terms of the program of preferential crediting.

You can familiarize yourself with the terms of the competition, the list of necessary documents and download the application form on the website of the Odessa Regional State Administration at

Applications will begin on June 18, 2019. Deadline for submission of applications: August 15, 2019. Responsible for conducting the competition: Department of Economic Policy and Strategic planning of regional state administration (Odessa, Shevchenko Ave., 4, room 554, Contact phone: 7189-242, +38 (098) 472-36-38.