ANNOUNCEMENT on conducting competitive selection and its conditions for the position of the head of a business entity belonging to the sphere of management of the Odessa regional state administration

11 June 2019, 11:00

In accordance with the Procedure for conducting competitive selection of heads of business entities of the state sector of the economy, approved by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 3, 2008, No. 777, the Odessa regional state administration announces the competitive selection for the position of the head of the state enterprise "CENTER FOR CUSTOMS SERVICE", which belongs to sphere of management of the regional state administration and coordinated by the Department of Economic Policy and Strategic Planning of the Odessa Oblast state administration.


Address: street Katerininska, d. 27/1, Odessa city, Odessa region, Ukraine, 65045.

main directions of activity: provision of state registration of real rights to real estate and their encumbrances; state registration of legal entities, natural persons-entrepreneurs; the legal protection of constitutional rights, freedoms and interests of citizens by executive authorities, the independent exercise of the rights of individuals to individual and collective appeals and legal assistance.

the term and place of receipt of applications for participation in the competitive selection and the telephone number for the information: the applications are accepted within 30 calendar days after the announcement of the announcement on the website of the Odessa regional state administration until 18.00 "11" July 2019 at 65032, Odessa, pr. Shevchenko, 4, cab. 565, tel. (048) 7189-639. Applications are accepted from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.00, and by e-mail around the clock;

a list of documents submitted by the applicant personally and / or sent by e-mail:

application for participation in the competitive selection download

duly certified: a copy of the document certifying the person, a copy of the employment record or documents certifying the work experience, a copy of the document on higher education;

consent to processing of personal data download

biographical note (resume);

tender offer;

recommendations and other documents at his discretion;

statement on consent / disagreement on the presence of representatives of the media and the public during the hearing of bids to download

The applicant is responsible for the unreliability of the documents.

In case of submission of the application and documents provided for by this clause, only the participant of the competitive selection by e-mail, while listening to the bids, additionally submits a signed statement.

date and place of competitive selection and publication of its results: competitive selection will be conducted from July 12, 2019 to August 10, 2019, at the address: 65032, Odesa, Shevchenko Ave., 4, kab. 632, announcement of the results to "13" in August 2019 on the official website of the Odessa Regional State Administration.

requirements to the applicants for participation in the competitive selection of heads of business entities of the state sector of the economy:

higher education of the corresponding direction of training at the educational qualification level of the master's degree, specialist;

work experience in the professions of the lower level managers - not less than 2 years.

must know (own):

principles of corporate governance, budgeting and strategic planning;

prospects and trends of the industry;

the basics of economics, management, marketing, etiquette of business communication and negotiation;

leadership competences, strategic vision, organizational leadership, change management, managerial efficiency, diplomatic wisdom;

compliance with the ethical standard, legal awareness, public service, professionalism, honesty, responsibility, decency, justice;

possession of leadership competences, strategic vision;

honesty, responsibility, decency;

requirements for a competitive bid:

The bids must be submitted in print and / or electronic form (Microsoft Power Point presentations up to 10 slides).

The tender proposal should consist of four sections, namely:

- current situation and problems of the enterprise and industry;

- the competitive advantages of the applicant;

- proposals for attracting investments for the development of the enterprise;

- proposals on the expected dynamics of improvement of the main indicators of financial and economic activity.

information regarding the financial and economic condition of the enterprise: information about the balance (form № 1), the report on financial results (form № 2) download

the e-mail address to which the applicant sends an application for participation in the competitive selection and the documents specified in paragraph 10 of this Procedure: