Materne Polska invites you to cooperate

15 March 2018, 10:15

Maternes Polska (a production division of the Andros company, France) produces 15,000 tons of jam each year and 11,000 tons of frozen produce annually, processes 250 tons of berries per day, and permanently employs 200 workers in the company, and an additional 600 more people in the season.

The enterprise is constantly expanding and increasing the range of products, which should attract new suppliers of berries.

All over the world 70% of all berries are strawberries in all years. Demand for it is stable. The only strawberry strawberries that are sought and bought primarily by the processing industry are ZENGA ZENGANA. It differs from all that late flowering makes it impossible to get into freezing, long fruiting in one place, gives a lot of berries from one bush, unpretentious in agrotechnics.

The buyer guarantees quality planting material and agrotechnical support. From the partner - land allotment and desire to earn.


minimum area for the establishment of cooperation - 1ga;

future partner is a legal entity.

The interested parties to contact the following parties to agree on terms of cooperation and negotiations:

Richard Kurs, +48501840646,

Kovalchuk Andrey, +380675066263 (viber, Telegram Web)

Novosad Serhiy, +380503782472 (viber), e-mail: