On April 17, 2018, the Odessa Civic Organization "Special Children" with the financial support of the European Union (EU) will hold an information seminar "Advocacy of Early Intervention as a Key to Inclusion"

12 April 2018, 14:55

Information Workshop

"Advocacy of Early Intervention as a Key to Inclusion"

On April 17, 2018, the Odessa Civic Organization "Special Children" with the financial support of the European Union (EU) will hold an informational seminar "Advocacy of Early Intervention as a Key to Inclusion". The event will be held within the framework of the grant project "Early Intervention - Before and After, Distribution of Services in the Region's Regions" - Increasing Initiatives of Parents to Advocate Early Intervention and Promoting Public Awareness in the Odesa Oblast, within and as an integral part of the joint Project HealthProm (UK), NGO "National Assembly of People with Disabilities (NAIU) and IF" Institute of Early Intervention "(IF IRV)" Increasing the capacity of parental civic organizations to support the implementation of reforms aimed at rights and needs of children with disabilities in Ukraine ".

During the information gathering, the participants will be informed about the PB service as the basis for the success of inclusive education, as well as how this service is provided in other regions of our country. Determine the ways of implementing measures and practical steps to increase the centers of RB in Odessa and district centers of the region, ways of providing assistance and supporting projects in this area are the planned results of the event.

A press briefing will be held for press representatives before the launch of the information seminar.

We invite representatives of mass media




The following are invited to participate as speakers:

Informational seminar for civil servants "Advocacy of RV as a guarantee of inclusion"

April 17, 2018, 09:45 - 10:00. Registration is from 09:30

Odessa Regional Administration, st. Kanatna 83, Odessa, Ukraine

- Olena Skrypko - coordinator of the "Parents for Early Intervention in Ukraine" Program,

- representative of the Twinning project in support of the Ukrainian authorities in developing the legislative and administrative framework for the implementation of the RB system,

- Kryvonogova Oksana - Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Assistance, General and Medical Psychology of the Odessa National Medical University "Ukraine", Head of the Center for Early Intervention (Odessa),

- Irina Shulga - head of the public organization "Special Children", head of the project "Early Intervention -" to "and" after ", distribution of services in the regions of the region."

Accreditation for the media: Sergey Pishchulin, svp14@i.ua or by phone +38 050 486 25 48

Background information: Early intervention is a world-recognized approach that maximizes chances for children to realize their own potential, which has proven to be effective and cost-effective. RV involves taking measures at a time when worries about the development and / or disability of the child appear for the first time, at the age when the child's brain is still developing. It is a social model that takes into account the needs of both the child and the parents, aimed at strengthening the capacity of the family, as well as focused on cooperation and partnership with parents.