Public discussion of the Framework Requirements for Preventive Environmental and Social Measures

02 April 2018, 17:35

We invite you to participate in the public discussion of the Framework Document on Preventive Environmental and Social Measures in the framework of the project "Providing Social Services in the Community" to be funded by the World Bank

The Ministry of Social Policy, together with the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund (UFI) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank), are preparing a project "Providing Community Social Services", funded at the expense of the Japanese Social Development Fund grant of $ 2.85 million YELLOW The main objective of the grant is to support the united territorial communities to strengthen their ability to provide residents with quality social services, to increase access to social and communal infrastructure of the community.

The objective of the grant is to be implemented in the 13 united territorial communities of the Odessa region, which was selected by the World Bank for the methodology of vulnerability and risks of social exclusion, namely:

Velikomikhaylivska settlement OTG, Velikomichaylovsky district

Baltic city OTG

Bilyayev City OTG

Rozkvitovskaya village OTG, Berezivsky district

Novokalchevskaya village OTG (renamed Krasnoarmeysk), Berezovsky district

Konoplyansky village OTG, Ivanivsky district

Shiryaivsky settlement OTG, Shiryaevsky district

Yaskivska village OTG, Bilyaivsky district

Berezovsky city OTG, Berezovsky district

Tsedbrykivska settlement OTG, Shiryaevsky, Velikomikhaylivsky districts

We know the village village of OTG, Ivanivsky, Shiryaevsky, Velikomikhaylivsky districts

Mayakivsky village OTG, Bilyayevsky, Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky, Ovidiopolsky districts

Vilkiv City OTG, Kiliysky District.

Given that the project activity may have a potential impact on the natural and social environment, in accordance with the requirements of the World Bank, a draft Framework Requirements for Preventive

environmental and social events, which can be found at the link in the attached file. The purpose of the document is to establish methodologies for environmental assessment of projects, approval of preventive / mitigating measures and monitoring actions, and determination of responsible parties.

We invite all interested persons to discuss this document. We note that the Ukrainian version of the document is an informal translation. The original document can be found in the attachment file.

Proposals and comments to the draft Framework Document are to be sent by April 13, 2018 to the UFIs