To the attention of subcontractors

15 May 2019, 11:55

NP "NEC" Ukrenergo" is a national energy company with functions of operational and technological management of the United Energy System (UES) of Ukraine and the transmission of electricity by main electric grids from generation to regional electric grids of power supply companies.

Today, SE "NEC" Ukrenergo "is implementing a number of strategically important investment projects for the reconstruction of substations and the construction of overhead transmission lines, which are financed by the international financial institutions. The concept of these projects is to ensure the integrity of the UES of Ukraine, to increase the reliability of the transmission of electricity, to increase the efficiency of the power transmission network, and to implement an automated control system for substation technological processes (ASTCP) in order to facilitate the organization of parallel and synchronous operation of the energy system of Ukraine with ENTSO-E.

According to the Plan for the development of the transmission system for 2019-2028, SE "NEC" Ukrenergo "plans to substantially increase the volume of sales of new investment programs. The estimated budget for implementing 14 major investment projects is over 900 million euros.

At this stage, SE "NEC" Ukrenergo "is in search of potential contractors for the implementation of a full range of construction and installation, electrical installation and commissioning works during the construction / rehabilitation of existing substations (330 - 750 kV) and the construction of new power transmission lines (220 -750 kV) .

In case of interest, please contact the leading project management consultant Melnyk Elena Pavlivna by phone (044) 238-33-15 or by e-mail: