XXV Congress of Cardiovascular Surgeons of Ukraine

30 May 2019, 18:35
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In the course of two days, on May 30-31, the XXV Congress of cardiovascular surgeons of Ukraine is taking place in Odessa, which has gathered almost 300 participants who devoted their lives to various directions of the most complicated field of medicine - cardiovascular surgery.

In Odessa, prominent cardiac surgeons from all over Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, Europe and the United States gathered among the speakers, our guests Rimantas Benetis from Lithuania, Keith March from the USA, Claus Preusse from Germany.

The congress presents reports on the most urgent issues of child and adult cardiosurgery, discusses the development of infrastructure, staff training and the implementation of best practices for timely detection, quality treatment and prevention of dangerous diseases and heart diseases.

The prominent cardiac surgeon, director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, the chairman of the National Association of Cardiovascular Surgery Vasyl Lazoryshynets, the director of the Department of Health of Odessa Oblast State Administration Olena Teryaeva and honorary guests of the congress opened the congress.

Odessa Region has its own history of cardiac surgery, and today, in the direction of electrophysiology of the heart, it has a leading position in Ukraine as a whole.

In 2007, the Regional Center for Cardiac Surgery of the Odessa Regional Clinical Hospital was established in the Department of Cardiac Surgery, Intensive Care, Laboratory of Electrophysiology and Interventional Cardiology.

And today it is a powerful center, which performs operative open heart surgery, prosthetics and plastic valves of the heart, treatment of the aortic ascension pathology and its prosthetics. In 2018, the center performed 284 operations with artificial blood circulation.

Under the chairmanship of Professor Yuriy Karpenko, the Center of Electrophysiology of the heart operates in the Regional Clinical Hospital, which intervenes with all possible violations of heart rhythms - from blockades to tachyarrhythmias. Today, the department carries out thousands of operations to eliminate tachycardia. The heart electrophysiology clinic was the first in Odessa to use intracardiac ultrasound, which allows to increase the efficiency and safety of operations.

Professor Yuri Karpenko is a doctor of world renown and is proud not only of Odessa but of Ukraine as a whole.

In 2000, the Odesa Oblast Children's Clinical Hospital opened the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, which now operates complex congenital heart defects such as Tetrada Fallot, transposition of major vessels. Many small patients are premature and have a total weight less than two kilograms. Annually there are about 100 open heart operations and 50 closed procedures.

Odessa Oblast, the first of all regions of Ukraine, has created its powerful reperfusion network for providing medical care to patients with myocardial infarction: the Regional Center in the Regional Clinical Hospital, the reperfusion departments in the Baltics and Izmail.

In addition, private medical institutions are successfully operating: the medical-diagnostic center "Svyatye Kateryna - Odesa", "Into-sana", LLC "House of Medicine" (Odreks). Thanks to the professional work of doctors in the reperfusion network in 2018, 1,780 lives were saved.

During the congress, plenary sessions will be held on the surgical treatment of coronary heart disease, congenital and acquired heart defects, aortic pathology, cardiac arrhythmias and other promising directions for the development of cardiac surgery in Ukraine.

From the Odessa region four reports from leading cardiovascular surgery and interventional cardiology specialists are presented.

The conference is organized by the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons of Ukraine, the State University "National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after M. M. Amosov, NAMS of Ukraine", the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after PL. Shupika, NGO "Movement for the Health of the Nation".