The introduction of a martial law does not imply any restriction of the rights and freedoms of the inhabitants of the Odessa region

27 November 2018, 21:40

The introduction and availability of martial law in the Odesa oblast should be minimal and not impose any restrictions on the rights and freedoms of citizens. The head of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov informed about the situation in the region and the subsequent action plan.

"There is a clear list of actions. Among them - we will strengthen measures on information and cybersecurity. Bringing to the air defense readiness regime. Border guards will strengthen the state border guard. I can assure the residents that I will do my best to continue living their usual lives ", - said Maxim Stepanov.

He stressed that the relevant Decree of the President does not provide for any restrictions on the rights and freedoms of citizens. "The President's principled position is to make the military state the least visible for citizens. Therefore, if there is no open invasion of the Russian Federation, no restrictions on civil rights will occur. There are no grounds for panic ", - said the head of the Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov.

Also, the head of the region urged not to distribute untested information, since the confiscation of property, compulsory labor or military settlements in civilian apartments is not planned. At the same time, the Odesa Regional State Administration is working and ensuring a stable livelihoods of the region.

Maxim Stepanov reminded that the introduction of a military state is a preventive measure, which makes it possible to react more effectively to the threat from the Russian Federation and not to lose precious time.

It should be noted that the military state was introduced exclusively in the regions located along the Russian border, along the Transnistrian section of the Ukrainian-Moldovan border and along the Azov and Black seas. It is about strengthening the protection and measures that, in the event of an invasion, will allow Ukraine to react and mobilize all resources as soon as possible.