Graduates of the Odessa region have the opportunity to put together a trial ETA

08 January 2019, 14:30
Graduates of the Odessa region have the opportunity to put together a trial ETA

Odesa Oblast students have the opportunity to undergo a trial external independent assessment. Registration of participants will run from January 8 to 31, 2010 on the website of the regional center for the assessment of the quality of education. This was reported by the director of the Department of Education and Science of the Odessa Regional State Administration Oleksandr Lonchak.

"Each participant will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the procedure for passing the ETA, the structure and content of the test notebook. The procedure is as close as possible to the main exam and meets all the requirements of the ZNO-2019 programs. This is a great opportunity for future entrants to evaluate their level of knowledge on subjects and prepare for testing better ", - said Alexander Lonchak.

Each registered student will be able to pass a trial ETA from the Ukrainian language and literature on March 16, and on March 23, one of the subjects of his choice (mathematics, biology, history of Ukraine, geography, chemistry, English, Spanish, German or French).

Participation in a trial EIA is optional, and each graduate can be tested on their own. His results are not counted as assessments for the state final attestation and do not affect the competition score at the time of admission. Participation in a trial external independent evaluation is a paid service. The cost of testing is determined by the regional center for assessing the quality of education.

Recall that in preparation for external independent assessment students can also use the free online platform BeSmart. It hosts 2,000 lessons and 20,000 tests from leading educators. They can be used in different regions of Ukraine daily and on an individual schedule. The initiator of the project is the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov. The BeSmart platform has already been used by 65,000 children, including temporarily occupied territories.