In Ukraine, for the first time, launched an online trial of Trialware - a result of the collaboration between the project VeSmart and the Ministry of Education and Science

20 March 2019, 14:30
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Testing of Trial OUT: for the first time for future applicants, detailed video explanations of the test tests are prepared. So, now you can quickly check your knowledge and hear why this or that answer is correct. This is a joint project of the educational platform VeSmart, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

"Trial ETA is a test of readiness for exams, as they say, in combat conditions, and for children there is a very important feedback. In the new video materials, specialists in the quality education center thoroughly review tasks, provide recommendations and advice. Everyone on the educational platform VeSmart can view them. This is an additional opportunity to go to the basic exams as highly trained ", - said the deputy chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Serhii Koleboshin.

To familiarize yourself with the video commentary on the tasks of the Trialware of the Ukrainian language and literature can already be found at the link:

Also, on March 26, there will be explanations of tests in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, history and English.

In addition, on the WeSmart platform, you can take for free 14 courses on basic IT subjects, which contain over 2000 video lessons, lectures and notes. "This online tutor is available anywhere in the world. As we see in statistics, this is especially true for children living in rural areas, as well as in temporarily occupied territories ", - added Sergey Koleboshin.

According to the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Vadim Karandia, the project BeSmart appeared last year in the Odessa region, and now it has already been recognized as successful throughout the country.

"The purpose of this project is additional extra-curricular training of graduates. Therefore, I thank the Odessa Regional State Administration for cooperation in improving the quality of education and attracting more of our students to distance learning, "said Vadim Karandy during a joint press conference.

Recall that the online platform BeSmart, implemented on the initiative of the head of the Odessa region of Maxim Stepanov, is available throughout Ukraine. In addition to preparing for external testing, these materials are used by teachers and students during lessons. Currently, the platform has registered about 100 thousand users.