In Odesa regional state administration held a round table devoted to psychological support of victims in a fire

24 December 2019, 15:42
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The Odesa Regional State Administration held a roundtable on the organization of protection and rehabilitation of victims in the fire that occurred at the Odesa College of Economics, Law and Hotel Business.

Also, the meeting was attended by Humanitarian Advisor Inna Bilous and Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration Vitalii Svichynskyi.

The state of emergency is of an anthropogenic nature. It requires the involvement of experienced professionals and a relevant profile.

Representatives from departments and departments, social protection and support specialists, community activists and psychologists were present at the meeting.

The purpose of the event is to create a clear coordination of actions and assistance mechanism for all persons.

To date, it has been found that five persons of the families of the victims have been allocated 100,000.00 UAH, 11 victims of moderate severity 50,000.00 UAH, injured persons of mild severity - 10,000.00 UAH.

11 families have not yet been paid as the relevant person identification examinations continue.

As a result of the meeting, they decided to create a working group. The task will be to take concrete steps to monitor and further coordinate the situation of children. The group will consist of directors of departments and departments of the RSA, representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Odessa region, public activists, psychologists and specialists in the social sphere.

Special blocks will be formed, consisting of social and educational trends. They plan to create an interactive map of schools, which will display all information about the state of fire safety of institutions.

The data will be officially published and harmonized in a single regulatory framework.

“In addition to these measures, we also need to engage independent psychologists who have not been involved before. We now need to understand the psychological state of children.

Because the resumption of the educational process and the session in these difficult conditions can have a negative impact on their future. By the end of the week, the issue of postponing the training session and the continuation of vacations will be resolved, ”Inna Belous said.

Representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Odessa region reported that psychological assistance was provided to all victims.

During the session it was determined that the students needed mental health monitoring and follow-up. Child support should be provided comprehensively and systematically by all government agencies and services.