"Export Support Center" will start working in the Odesa region

18 June 2018, 15:00
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At the Odessa regional state administration, plans to open an "Export Support Center". The goal of the project is to provide advice and in practice to help businesses export their products. This became known during the open discussion "The state and prospects of realization of national reforms in the Odessa region". The event was opened by the head of the Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov. Participation in the discussion was taken by the heads of departmental departments of OSA, profile experts, as well as representatives of civil society.

"Due to the hard and persistent position of the President of Ukraine in recent years, the Ukrainian economy has shown steady growth. The country has become attractive to investors. The major significance of large-scale and systemic reforms is how they are felt by people in the regions, each of us. Last year, for example, our region became the leader of the country in terms of industrial growth. New factories are under construction, grain terminals are being launched, comfortable business conditions are created that form the wise economy of our region, "said Maxim Stepanov, the chairman of the Odessa regional state administration.

In the first part of the event, experts, the public and government representatives discussed economic issues. Thus, according to statistics, in 2017, the average monthly salary in the Odesa region grew by 36.1% and amounted to UAH 6542. As was noted during the discussion, "this is despite the fact that the new Armed Forces of Ukraine has been almost completely rebuilt thanks to the political will of President Petro Poroshenko."

"Odessa region ranks fourth in Ukraine in terms of direct foreign investment. In general, the country ranked 61st in the Doing business rating versus 137 in 2013. Facts - the thing is stubborn. At present, business sees the prospects of development in Ukraine, in general, and in the Odessa region, in particular. Cooperation with powerful international institutions continues. Their support provides us with new opportunities and benefits that, for example, have provided a visa-free regime with the EU countries, "added Daria Antonenko, Deputy Director of the Association of Manufacturers of Ukraine, National Consultant for the Sectoral Export Strategy of Ukraine.

It is expected that in the following years, a number of renewable and alternative energy projects will be implemented in Odesa Oblast. At the same time, according to experts, for the first time in the history of the country the roads undergo system repair. In 2017, an unprecedented 259 kilometers of roads were repaired in the Odessa region.

"Due to the customs experiment introduced by the President of Ukraine, we managed to start a large-scale repair of the roads. The second step is decentralization, which affected not only the separation of powers between the center and the regions, but also the road economy. On the initiative of the Head of State, the State Road Fund was created ", - Oleg Varivoda, Head of the Road Services Service in the Odessa region, remarked.

Participants of the discussion also noted the leading role of national reforms in combating corruption and the process of de-oligarchy. It is with the participation of the public that the first stages of the reform of independent activist and law enforcement agencies have been completed. According to Vadim Morokhovsky, Chairman of the Board of Bank Vostok Bank, the banking system of Ukraine is also experiencing positive changes.

"First, the law" On the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court "was signed. An automatic VAT refund system has been introduced, which is an extremely important and long-awaited step. In addition, the emergence of new people in business and politics, as well as the common unity. Finally, it is very important to show loyalty towards the state, because on the way to change we need the efforts of each of us, "Vadim Morokhovsky added.

In particular, during the discussion discussed and improved the system of electronic purchases "ProZorro", which has already saved more than 50 billion hryvnia in the state budget.

"In the Odessa region for 6 months of this year was prevented by inefficient spending of budget funds per billion hryvnia. Thanks to the electronic procurement system, every Ukrainian has the opportunity to control the use of funds. It is important that all the work proposed by the Head of State be implemented. In particular, the judicial reform ", - said the head of the Southern Office of the State Service of Ukraine Oleg Muratov.

According to experts, the central government first fulfilled its promise and transferred money to places. Thus, over the five months of 2018, local budgets of the Odesa oblast earned 5.6 billion hryvnias.

"I believe that our main success is in cooperation between small, medium and large businesses. By the way, budgets of communities have grown five to six times. The resources have indeed been transferred to the site. Before that, we only dreamed of implementing some projects, and now we have the opportunity to do all this! I am sure that the development of local self-government will be successful and productive in the Odessa region ", - added the head of Avangardivsky OTG Sergey Khrustovsky.

It should be noted that during the open discussion the state and prospects of implementation of educational and medical reforms were also discussed.