In the Odesa region the lyceum heating was restored

29 November 2019, 11:21
In the Odesa region the lyceum heating was restored

Heating in «Secondary school I-III centuries. - Lyceum ”was restored after the break of thermal highways. Repairs were carried out as soon as possible.

Until September 2019, heating at the above-mentioned educational institution was carried out on an alternative pile. As a result of the increased cost of services, the boiler room switched to gas heating, which led to the breakthrough of thermal pipelines in several places.

The department of education of the Lyman district state administration together with the Vizyrivska village council, informed that the educational process in the lyceum has been renewed.

After completing the renovation of the facility's heating system, which took place from November 25 to November 28, 588 students returned to study.

At present, the educational establishment has complied with the requirements for the thermal regime, and the educational process continues according to the schedule of classes.