In the Odessa area, the residences of St. Nicholas are opened

19 December 2018, 10:30
In the Odessa area, the residences of St. Nicholas are opened

This year, guests are invited to visit several St. Nicholas' residences in the Odessa region. To write a letter with a wish and see the fairy tale heroes can be found in the Savrans forest, some villages near Odesa, directly in Odessa and in the ethno-park "New Vasyuki". This was reported in the department of tourism and recreation and resorts of the Odessa regional state administration.

"The residence of St. Nicholas is a wonderful place to introduce the child to the traditions of this holiday. So, the official residence of St. Nicholas was opened three years ago in the village of Oshchyka of the Savransky district. During the month, from December 19 to January 19, here you can tell Nicholas about your desires, learn how to make Christmas toys from natural materials and choose gifts at a festive fair, "said Oleksandr Sheka, Head of Tourism and Recreation Department of the Odessa Regional State Administration.

Today, the Embassy of St. Nicholas will also open in the village of Stepanivka, and on Sunday, December 23, his residence will start in the ethno-park "New Vasyuki". In addition, there are also planned folk festivals, quests and dinner with St. Nicholas in the Akerman Fortress - today and the weekend of December 22-23. In Odessa, you can not only talk with St. Nicholas, but also visit the new planetarium on the site at the Observatory of the Odessa National University named after II Mechnikov

Recall that over the past five years, more than five thousand visitors visited the St. Nicholas' residence in Osichi village of Savransky district.