The Association of winegrowers and winemakers was founded in the Odessa region

21 February 2019, 10:30
The Association of winegrowers and winemakers was founded in the Odessa region

The Association of winegrowers and winemakers was established in the Bolgrad region, which was named "Danube Bessarabia". She will take care of the development of winemaking, as well as the registration and control of geographical indications of wines. This was reported by Ivan Petriv, Head of the Agricultural Policy Department of the Odessa Regional State Administration.

"Odessa region is unique not only by its culture and traditions, but also by natural properties. The region has a large area of grape plantations, and we want our wine to be recognized all over the world. Therefore, the creation of the Association is another step in the development of the industry, because the product will be protected from unfair competition, "Ivan Petriv emphasized.

Thus, the first wine with a geographical indication will be "Yalpug", whose quality, in the first place, is influenced by the microclimate and natural factors of the area.

It should be noted that in the Odessa region the completion of the first vineyard cadastre in Ukraine was completed. It contains full information about the location and area of plantings, the status of the land, the characteristics of the soil and microclimate, as well as the variety and the type of wine it is produced from. Such a register operates effectively in all wine-growing EU countries. At the moment, the Odessa Oblast database contains complete information on more than 1,600 plots of land under grape plantations of various varieties. The list includes 40 denominations of technical grades, 56 tableware and 4 pedigrees.

Recall that the Odessa region implements a project of the European Union, which will control the name and origin of wine according to EU standards. His goal is to search and establish geographic indications that reflect the unique traditions, cultural heritage and history of Ukraine. These indications create a clear link between "place-to-product" and allow producers in a particular geographic area to require information on the bottle to indicate where the goods originate.