In the Odessa region, an additional UAH 707 million was spent on education, medicine and social development

22 February 2019, 17:05
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An additional 707 million hryvnias of the regional budget are directed to education, medicine and social development. The relevant draft decision submitted by the Odesa Regional State Administration on amendments to the budget for 2019 was supported by 52 deputies. These are the remnants of the general and special funds of the regional budget, not used at the beginning of the year, as well as state and local subventions.

The largest - more than 356 million hryvnia - will be directed to the medical sector. In particular, 276 million people - for the development of the health care system in the countryside. These are the construction of new outpatient clinics, emergency departments, and the purchase of cars and equipment. Almost 80 million is intended to pay salaries to doctors.

An additional UAH 101 million will be directed to the educational sector. In particular, the equipment of institutions of general secondary education and equipment of natural and mathematical cabinets. And 16 million hryvnia will be spent on the construction of sports grounds and football fields.

Recall that the budget for 2019 is more than 11.7 billion hryvnia. The largest amount of expenditures was allocated to the health care sector - almost 2.1 billion hryvnia. Education provides 1.3 billion hryvnia, and for social protection - about 450 million hryvnia.

The financial document includes funds for guaranteed payments, education, health care, culture and small and medium-sized businesses. All this corresponds to the priorities of the Strategic Action Plan of Maxim Stepanov "Intelligent Region".