The measures to counteract smuggling will be increased in the Odesa region

21 June 2018, 16:45
The measures to counteract smuggling will be increased in the Odesa region

Odessa region supports the initiative "Ukraine without smuggling". In particular, it is a systematic fight against shadow schemes at the customs. This became known on June 21 at a conference on counteraction smuggling under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman and with the participation of law enforcement agencies.

"Fighting smuggling and its manifestations is a crucial aspect. We are interested in increasing customs payments. First of all, these funds are spent on infrastructure development and road construction. On the one hand, we see a positive dynamics. However, a single policy on tariffs for customs clearance is required, except for the measures already envisaged. It would be appropriate to consider the introduction of various information systems in order to make the process more controlled and transparent, "said Maxim Stepanov, the chairman of the Odessa regional state administration.

In addition, the head of the region's head gave an example of automation of processes - a pilot project called "AutoHab". During its period of operation, monthly and daily average car registration rates have almost tripled.

At the same time, during the conference call, the Head of Government noted that the fight against smuggling is "not a one-time action".

"We will thoroughly analyze the work of the customs, the decisions will be rigid. We will improve the system to make fighting mechanisms more effective. Also, we will send to Parliament amendments to the legislation, which provide criminalization (actions contributing) to smuggling ", - said Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman.

Let's remind that on the territory of Odessa customs several pilot projects are being implemented, initiated by the Odessa regional state administration together with representatives of the main importers.