In the Odessa region, the location of the emergency medical aid substation was optimized

19 November 2018, 14:40
In the Odessa region, the location of the emergency medical aid substation was optimized

In the Tarutino district of Odesa oblast, the location of the emergency medical care substation (EMD) was optimized. From now on it is located on the ground floor of the central district hospital near the reception office. This placement meets the current Emergency Department formation standards. This was reported by Director of the Department of Health of Odessa Regional State Administration Olena Teryaeva.

"The substation serves more than 41 thousand inhabitants of Tarutino district. Its transfer to the central rayon hospital was a logical step in the development of the overall structure of emergency medical care in the region. Now these two units - the receiving and diagnostic department and specialist "emergency" - interact with each other to provide the patient with timely assistance and determine the optimal route for him ", - said Olena Teryaeva.

She also added that now the receiving and diagnostic department of Tarutin CRP is transformed into emergency department (Emergency Department) such as "Emergency Department". The mutual integration of the efforts of the two divisions is obligatory in this process.

It should be noted that in the Tarutino EMD substation there are permanent base stations in the settlements of Borodino and Augustovo. During the 9 months of 2018, the brigades completed 3,379 outbound trips. Until recently, the substation was located in rooms with stove heating. In the new location, the building has a centralized heat supply.

Recall Odessa region entered the state pilot project on the development of emergency medicine in 2019. It is planned to allocate additional funds for the purchase of sanitary transport, training of instructors, and increase of salaries for qualified medical personnel.

The development of medicine is one of the priorities of the Strategic Action Plan of the chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maksym Stepanov "Intelligent Region" for 2017-2019 years. Thus, the emergency department together with telemedicine is currently working successfully in the Oknyansky and Bolgrad central rayon hospitals. All regions are also connected to the Unified Operational Dispatch Service.