In the Odessa region will develop country green tourism

04 April 2018, 15:55
In the Odessa region will develop country green tourism

In the settlement Tarutina, Odessa region, a seminar was held on the creation of village hospitable mansions for the reception of tourists. It was attended by about a hundred inhabitants of Tarutinsky, Saratsky and Arzizsky districts. The event was implemented within the framework of the project "Agro-ecological and recreational cluster" Frumushik Nova ". This was announced by Ivan Petriv, Head of the Agrarian Policy Department of the Odessa Regional State Administration.

"Rural green tourism is developing intensively in many countries of the world. And we are no exception, because in Odessa oblast there are all necessary natural and recreational conditions for this. One of the most promising is the format of rural guesthouses. During the training seminar, farmers learned about the benefits of using their own households to receive visitors, and told about the eligibility of homes and adjoining areas to certain criteria. In total, it is planned to hold up to 15 such trainings in the region ", - Ivan Petriv emphasized.

Recall that in February the chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov signed an order to launch the agrarian cluster "Frumushik-Nova". For three years, the pilot project will be implemented in the Tarutino district. On the territory of the agrarian cluster, a research center is planned to be set up, which will include representatives of leading Odessa higher educational institutions. In addition, new types of industrial and agricultural activity will be developed in the agro cluster.

It should be noted that the project of voluntary categorization of households "Ukrainian hospitable manor house" was introduced in 2008 by the Union for the Promotion of Rural Green Tourism Development. The four levels of services offered are indicated by the appropriate sign: basic, first, second, and third category. This mark is given to agro-tourist farms that meet the established requirements for the manor itself and the improvement of the territory, technical equipment, room furnishings, personnel and the environment.