In the oblast budget-2019, funds are put up for the organization of effective medical assistance for stroke

18 December 2018, 15:30
In the oblast budget-2019, funds are put up for the organization of effective medical assistance for stroke

In the Odessa region, it is planned to send 5.7 million hryvnia to organize effective medical care for patients with cerebrovascular accident (stroke). Such a draft decision for consideration by deputies of the regional council was made by the chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov.

In particular, it is proposed to create a regional stroke of medical facilities with trained personnel and with a well-worked out-patient care system, emergency diagnostics and treatment in the hospital. The draft decision of the deputies should be considered at the next session of the regional council.

"It is extremely important for a patient to receive modern treatment within 3-4.5 hours from the onset of a stroke. Therefore, there should be a well-established scheme: quickly take the patient to a medical institution with the necessary equipment, perform a computer or magnetic resonance imaging, provide intensive care and early rehabilitation for three days. The cost of treatment for stroke is quite high, so we hope to support the draft decision in the session hall and to allocate the necessary funding, "said Olena Teryaeva, Director of the Department of Health of the Odessa Regional State Administration.

Subject to compliance with this scheme of diagnosis and treatment, after a stroke, the patient has high chances to return to normal and even to avoid disability. In addition, this funding will allow thrombolytic therapy to 200 patients in 2019.

Also, a number of changes are proposed to the regional target program "Affordable medicine for 2018-2019 years". For example, this year in the region a model was introduced for the first time in which 3,177 children (50% - operated) received free treatment. It has proven its effectiveness, and in 2019, it is proposed to implement it on an ongoing basis. Therefore, in order to provide children with urgent surgical help, it is proposed to put in the budget of 8.5 million hryvnias in the first three days of hospital stay free of charge.

In addition, according to the draft decision in 2019, residents of remote settlements will be able to receive drugs under the state program "Available medicines" directly in the medical institutions. It is planned to allocate two million hryvnias for the realization of the project.

The next year will be the work of the "Mobile Polyclinic" among the rural population. In the draft decision for this purpose previously laid 3.8 million hryvnia. The project, initiated by the head of the Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov, involves identifying the most common diseases at an early stage. He started in December, and already in the first week of work doctors inspected more than a thousand inhabitants of the Odessa region.

Recall, the project "Mobile Polyclinic" is part of the reform of rural medicine, launched by President Petro Poroshenko. Improving the quality of medical services remains one of the key priorities of the Strategic Action Plan of the Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov "Intelligent Region" for 2017-2019.