The government has introduced an emergency regime throughout Ukraine

26 March 2020, 13:17
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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has introduced a state of emergency throughout the territory of Ukraine for 30 days until April 24, 2020.

Emergency mode is a special temporary legal regime that arises from the disruption of normal living conditions due to an accident, natural disaster or an epidemic. An emergency is being introduced in Ukraine to strengthen the coordination of all services involved in counteracting the spread of coronavirus. These include strengthening public order, informing citizens, disinfecting objects and territories, as well as sanitary and hygienic measures.

According to Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, the decision consolidates efforts to overcome the threat. The government is acting on a defined plan to combat the spread of coronavirus infection. This will help to more clearly systematize the actions of central and local authorities.

Ukraine is also working with international partners to increase productivity. The first telemaster was already held with Chinese doctors who shared their experiences. Work is also underway with the President's Office to increase the delivery of tests to Ukraine.

In times of emergency, the authorities, and above all, civil protection services, will work hard to preserve the lives and health of all citizens. The emergency regime does not imply state interference in the management of private companies or restrictions on the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians.