In Berezivsky district, two orphan children received apartments

14 March 2019, 14:00
In Berezivsky district, two orphan children received apartments

The keys to the new apartments were handed over to the student by Mykola Shaitan and Anastasia Goncharuk, who independently educates a young child. This was reported in Berezovsky District State Administration.

"Due to the funds of the subvention from the state budget, two more orphan children are provided with housing. These are one-bedroom apartments with all conveniences that are fully ready for use. Both are in the city of Berezivka ", - stressed in. Head of Berezivsky Regional State Administration Sergey Loskutnikov.

It should be noted that earlier the apartment was received by the 23-year-old birch woman, Elena Proskurov, who independently educates two children.

Recall that during 2018 in Odessa Oblast housing was provided to 147 orphan children and deprived of parental care. This is one of the highest rates in Ukraine. At the same time, the first patron educators were trained in the Odessa region. After receiving recommendations they will be arranged for children who, due to difficult life circumstances, can not temporarily live with their parents.