Restoration of the Odesa Art Museum: The possibility of raising funds from the regional budget is being considered

17 February 2020, 15:59
Gallery item

To restore the building of the Odesa Art Museum, they plan to produce project documentation. This will be the first step towards restoring the architectural monument. The initiative was already supported at the meeting of the commission on education, science, youth policy, sports, culture and tourism.

Currently, the main sources of funding are the allocation of funds from the regional budget.

In addition, the commission made a decision on the allocation of finances for the creation of project documentation for the restoration of the facade of the Odesa Theater for Young Spectators. And also to upgrade the fire system of the building.

Now the issue of restoration of the Art Museum and Theater will be considered by the budget commission and deputies of the regional council.

Reference: The Pototsky Palace (now the Odesa Art Museum) is one of the earliest landmarks of early nineteenth-century architecture in Odesa. The palace is located in the center of Odesa in the building of the Naryshkin family estate. In 1899, at the initiative of the Odesa Society of Fine Arts, the Odesa Art Museum was opened and is still functioning. The exposition presents the works of Ukrainian and Russian masters of the 16th-19th centuries: Aivazovsky, Tropinin, Savrasov, Shishkin, Repin, Surikov, Kandinsky and others.