Projects under the "Affordable Medicine" program will be continued in 2019

21 December 2018, 16:30
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In Odesa oblast, changes have been made to the target program "Affordable medicine for 2018-2020 years". For its implementation for the next year, more than 136 million hryvnias are foreseen. Part of the funds is planned to be directed towards the creation of a network for the effective treatment of stroke and free emergency surgery for children. These projects were initiated by the chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov. During the meeting 59 deputies of the regional council voted for the corresponding changes to the program.

"We launch new healthcare projects and continue those that already exist and fully satisfied ourselves. Next year we plan to create a regional network for the effective treatment of stroke. Already started the direction "Mobile Polyclinic" - specialists carry out receptions of patients in the distant from the diagnostic medical institutions in the districts. At present, experts have already been consulted in four districts and examined more than 2 thousand patients ", - stressed the chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov.

In particular, for the treatment of strokes, the program provides 5.7 million hryvnia. For these funds, it is planned to organize a regional network of institutions with trained personnel, a clearly worked out system of pre-hospital care, emergency diagnostics and treatment in a hospital.

In addition, more than 8.5 million hryvnia in 2019 will be used to provide children with urgent surgical help. Due to the program, the first three days of hospital stay for patients will be free of charge.

Inhabitants of villages where there are no pharmacies, there will be an opportunity to receive medicines under the state program "Available medicines". After all, under the prescription of a doctor, 59 drugs are completely free, and another 202 can be obtained with a partial surcharge. Their sale is planned to be organized in the premises of ambulances and FAPs. For realization of the project from the regional budget will be sent 2 million hryvnia.

The medical examinations within the framework of the project "Mobile Polyclinic" will provide 3 million 800 thousand hryvnia. This project involves identifying the most common diseases at an early stage and further sending patients for examination and treatment at highly specialized care facilities.

Recall that the improvement of the quality of medical services remains one of the key priorities of the Strategic Action Plan of the Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov "Intelligent Region" for 2017-2019.