About the provision of food for the population of the Odesa region

31 March 2020, 09:21
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Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 11.03.2020 No. 211 “On Prevention of Acute COVID-19 Acute Respiratory Disease Caused by SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus” (as amended) established from March 12 to April 24, 2020 throughout Ukraine quarantine.

During this limitation, there is a surge in demand for some food items among the population.

In order to provide the residents of the region with essential commodities during the special period, the Regional State Administration sent an appeal to the main trade networks of the region with a request to replenish the shelves of the most popular goods in a timely manner and to supply the stocks of the basic food commodities available in the trade network:

Higher and 1st grade loaf,

Wheat rye bread,

Wheat flour of the highest grade,

Large (buckwheat, rice),

Pasta 1 grade,


Sunflower oil refined,

Meat (pork, beef, chicken), boiled sausages 1 variety,

Milk pasteurization,

Eggs of 1 grade,


and inform about the frequency of delivery of necessary products.

According to the information of the Tavriya-V, ATB, Kopeyka, Nenazhera, Auchan and other stocks of essential commodities, there are plenty of supplies and there are no problems with supplying the necessary goods.

Thus, the daily supply of bread in large retail chains alone makes more than 160 thousand loaves, flour - 400 tons, cereals of buckwheat and rice - 550 tons, pasta - more than 600 thousand different packs, sugar - more than 800 tons, sunflower oil - more than 500 thousand, meat - 120 tons, milk - 180 thousand, eggs - almost

$ 6 million

At the same time, agricultural enterprises of the region have available vegetables, fruits, flour, oil, bread, pasta, meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, eggs. Several thousand tons of grain are stored at the enterprise's warehouses for further processing and up to 50,000 tons of sunflower.

Livestock complexes and farms stock animals.

❗️ In case of interconnection termination, the food products will be delivered to the Odesa region trade networks in any case!

Any surging demand for food is unfounded❗️