The "Delta Wilmar" fire is localized, the situation is under control

06 November 2018, 23:10

Rescuers localized a fire in the village. There are no new biliary in Delta Wilmar Ltd., there is currently no threat of fire or explosion. According to the State Oil Company of Ukraine SNF in Odesa region, oil burning occurred in the premises of the compressor plant. In place of the fire, the rescuers quickly deployed the fire extinguishing headquarters, sending tanks with oil. At the same time, the factory administration evacuated the factory personnel.

22 fire and rescue units and 75 survivors were involved in the localization of the fire. The total area of fire is 1.5 thousand square meters. meters.

"As for the Delta Wilmar fire: I personally keep in touch with the DSNC - report that the situation is under control, there are no dead and injured. The threats of the spread of fire - too. There is an operational headquarters, the fire brigades work smoothly and assure that they will cope with the flames. ", - said the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov.

The cause of the fire turns out.

No injured.