More than 36 thousand graduates are preparing for the ZNO-2019 with BeSmart

07 February 2019, 11:30
More than 36 thousand graduates are preparing for the ZNO-2019 with BeSmart

Since the beginning of 2019, more than 36 thousand users have already registered on the BeSmart / Be educational platform. The resource provides free online lessons and lectures to help prepare for external independent evaluation. This was announced by the chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov during a live broadcast on the Reporter TV channel.

"This is also one of the aspects of providing equal educational opportunities. In order to be able to receive high-quality knowledge regardless of their place of residence, in Odessa or in any village. It was at this time that we directed the BeSmart program. Last year, about 65,000 students from all over the country were enrolled. And now, from the beginning of the year, 36 thousand graduates are already preparing for the NIS with our platform. And it's very cool ", - said Maxim Stepanov.

It should be noted that the online platform BeSmart, implemented on the initiative of the head of the Odessa region, is available throughout the territory of Ukraine. The complex of educational materials is actively used, including graduates from temporarily occupied territories and rural areas.

Also, during the live broadcast, Maxim Stepanov spoke about another innovative educational project - "Teacher +".

"We went further and developed the distance program" Teacher + ", which now works on the basis of the Richelieu Lyceum. We are talking about subjects for which most teachers lack the skills in rural areas. This is, for example, physics, computer science and biology. That is, there is a high-class teacher in Odessa who is teaching a lesson for children in distance education classes that we have equipped for 2018. Children listen to the subject and get knowledge at the modern level. Such an opportunity was never before ", - explained the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration.

To implement the "Teacher +" project, all the educational institutions of the region were connected to the high-speed Internet network, one hundred schools of the region were equipped with modern computer equipment, as well as 51 educational institutions received modern natural and mathematical rooms.

Recall that registration for the main external independent evaluation session will run from February 5 to March 25. It is expected that documents will be submitted by about 17 thousand participants from the Odessa region. Among them - graduates of schools, pupils of institutions of vocational and higher education.