Entrepreneurs will receive state support for the quarantine period

26 March 2020, 10:17
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Under quarantine measures, small and medium-sized businesses will receive state support. This is why the Export Promotion Office has created a dedicated business service. The portal is a national online platform to help entrepreneurs minimize the negative effects of the spread of the virus.

Useful links to business services:

- FB Page - Covid-19: Business Information Support

- a site with all the answers for business - https://epo.org.ua/covid19/

The portal contains the following information:

- Checklist of the entrepreneur

- COVID-19 Business Risk Assessment

- Services for entrepreneurs

- Prevent the spread of the virus

- State support for business

- To exporters

- Learning and development

The services are designed to overcome the possible consequences of the economic crisis. From now on, entrepreneurs will be able to plan their businesses in the light of changes both nationally and globally.

All news that may affect your business at the link below:

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