First Deputy Head of Odesa Regional State Administration Vyacheslav Ovechkin visited a Saratov human rights activist and visited an orphanage

04 December 2019, 10:16
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Vyacheslav Ovechkin, the first deputy head of the Odesa Regional State Administration, visited a Saratov human rights activist who was injured by the attack on her and also visited a small group home for orphans.

The meeting was attended by a humanitarian advisor, Inna Belous, at the meeting.

Human rights activist Liliia Makovetska is in a Saratov hospital. After a week at the hospital, her condition is stable.

Liliia is actively promoting culture with an organization called "Ukrainian Bessarabia". She is also the head of a local school in the village of Roylanca.

Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Vyacheslav Ovechkin, together with the head of the Saratov district state administration, discussed the problems of the Saratov district and the village of Roylyanka.

In addition, they paid a visit to the first small group home for orphans in the Odesa region, together with the head of the local Service for Children.

The group home for orphans is the first institution where children living in Saratsky district will return for relocation.

The future institution should be equipped with furniture and training should be provided to improve the skills of future employees.