Updated draft outline of united territorial communities plan for Odesa region considered in Cabinet of Ministers

05 February 2020, 16:53
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On February 4, the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine held additional consultations on changes to the perspective plan of community formation of the region. Odesa Regional State Administration was represented by First Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Vyacheslav Ovechkin, Director of the Department of Economic Policy and Strategic Planning Dmytro Radulov and Director of the Department of Finance Maryna Zinchenko.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Minister of Community and Territorial Development Vyacheslav Nehoda, and the chairman of the parliamentary subcommittee on administrative and territorial organization Vitalii Bezghin.

The Ministry of Regional Development noted the responsible approach to the drafting of the perspective plan and approved the new territorial structure of part of the districts.

“We have had intense but very constructive talks. Through dialogue, we were able to find optimal and compromise solutions for community formation in Oknyansk, Berezovsk, Mykolaiv and other areas of the region. Our main goal during this meeting was to protect the interests of our citizens, ”said Vyacheslav Ovechkin, Deputy Head of Odesa Regional State Administration.

At the same time, discussions continued regarding the formation of prospective plans in the southern, coastal and suburban areas of the region.

"Where it is difficult to find a common solution that will satisfy everyone, we should be guided by clear criteria that allow us to create a community capable of developing and creating a decent living environment," said Deputy Minister of Community and Territory Development Vyacheslav Nehoda.

In his turn, Vitalii Bezghin emphasized that some of the problems and the formation of the united territorial communities in Odesa are artificial and political.

"Some political" elites "incite and misinform the population in order to receive dividends, or simply the heads want to keep their posts, although this has nothing to do with the well-being of the residents. We also know about such cases, and there will be no concessions from the state. I always say that decentralization reform is about bringing services closer to the citizens, but it is also a reform aimed at local feudal lords who are parasitizing on the resources of the country and citizens, ”commented Vitalii Bezghin, the chairman of the parliamentary subcommittee on administrative and territorial organization.

In the near future, the ODA will hold repeated consultations on the formation of community territories in Bolhrad, Izmail, Kiliya, Bilyayivka, Lyman, Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, Kodyma and other areas.