Updated mobile application, focus groups and information centers - discussed regional tourism development in Odesa

19 February 2020, 18:05
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The introduction of an updated mobile application for tourists and the service of tourist audio guides of the districts were discussed in Odesa region. This was reported by the Head of Tourism, Recreation and Resorts Department of the Odesa Regional State Administration, Alexandr Sheka, at a meeting of the Odesa Regional Tourist Board. Representatives of the recreational business, the public and science also attended the meeting.

The map of the Odesa Region Guide already contains more than 30 objects. It is currently being supplemented. And in March, a major update is waiting for users.

In addition, special focus groups have been formed to successfully shape the region's tourism development strategy. Each has its own task:

- Focus group "Event tourism";

- Focus group "Sport tourism";

- Inclusive Tourism Focus Group;

- Focus Group "Eco-Ethno Tourism";

- Focus group "Recreation, resorts and parks";

- Focus group Scientific Practice.

“Odesa is a multicultural region with a particular ethnic character. Focus groups have been formed to form a regional development strategy for each area. Each has its own task. This activity will be the basis for the development of tourism in the region, ”- said the Deputy Head of Odesa Regional State Administration Denys Vanash.

According to experts, in the near future the tourist council will allocate 15 investment objects. These will be the most attractive places for tourism and investment in the region. The participants also discussed the creation of tourist information centers.

Reference: Department of Tourism, Recreation and Resorts of Odesa Regional State Administration initiated the creation of a working group "Tourism Council of Odesa region" in early January. The team includes experts in the field of tourism, tourism business, the public, academics and officials