Announcement on the collection of project ideas to the Implementation Plan for 2021-2023 of the Strategy of development of the Odessa region for the period up to 2027

18 December 2019, 16:42
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The Odesa Regional State Administration begins collecting ideas for regional development projects in the Action Plan for 2021-2023 with the implementation of the Strategy for Development of the Odessa Region for 2021-2027.

We invite everyone interested in the development of our region to come up with an idea (s) of project (s) that will enable the Strategy to be fulfilled.

Project ideas should be aimed at achieving public benefit and meet the following criteria:

1. Beneficiaries of the project may not be an individual or a legal entity.

2. Project implementation period - no more than 3 years (2021-2023 years).

3. Project ideas should meet one of the following strategic goals of regional development:

"New social and humanitarian prosperity";


"Globalization of the tourist and cultural environment and infrastructural development";

"Effective Economic Space";

«Formation on the basis of innovations of export-oriented food industry».

4. There is a human and technical capacity to implement the project (experience of implementing such projects).

5. The project idea relates to one of the objectives of the Strategy.

6. Validity of the project cost (there are corresponding estimates or estimated cost based on similar projects already implemented in other regions of Ukraine or abroad).

7. The project idea is submitted in due time in the form.

WARNING! Project ideas should not be submitted that do not allow for a competitive approach, such as: “repair / construction / thermo-modernization of the culture house / school / FAP of the village XXX”, “construction / repair of the road in the village XXX”, etc.

When formulating the project idea, it is necessary to clearly understand how much money is required for each year of implementation, from what sources they can be obtained (DBU, MB, ERDF, investors, etc.). For the implementation of the project on the territory there is a relevant land plot, infrastructure, transport connection and people or organizations; who will be able to implement this project in the case of funds.

The deadline for submitting project ideas is January 9, 2020

Please send the project idea according to the established form to with the note "To the Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy-2027".

Strategic vision, goals and objectives of the Odessa Region Development Strategy at

2021-2027, as well as the terms of reference for the regional development project on this initiative are posted on the website of the Odessa Regional State Administration at the following link:

Project ideas will be analyzed and selected on a competitive basis by an expert group to select proposals for the terms of reference for regional development projects for inclusion in the Action Plan for 2021-2023 for the implementation of the Strategy. As a result of this work, a catalog of terms of reference for regional development projects for the period up to 2023 will be formed and sources and indicative amounts of their funding will be identified. The best project ideas will be included in the Action Plan for the implementation of the 2027 Strategy.

Phones for information: (048) 718-95-74, (048) 718-94-91