Odesa regional state administration supported the project of alternative energy "Artsizskaya VES"

02 December 2019, 14:50
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Odesa Regional State Administration supported the investment project of alternative energy "Artsyzskaya VES". The deputy head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Denys Vanash said this.

Wind farm for 15,000 households with a capacity of 16.5 MW. may appear in the Pavlovka village of Artsyz district. The local territorial community became the customer.

“Only one installation will provide electricity to 5,000 residential buildings. A preliminary project is planned to install three such systems. The plant area will occupy only 1% of the allocated area and allow farming on this land. These systems will be installed at a distance of 2 kilometers from residential buildings to prevent noise interference. It is more than 1.5 kilometers beyond the established norms, ”said Denys Vanash.

The lifetime of the facility will be at least 20 years, with a significant reduction in the level of environmental emissions.

An Environmental Impact Assessment and a Strategic Environmental Review are required to obtain a building permit.