Odessa region was the first in Ukraine to complete the inventory of vineyards

09 January 2019, 13:00
Odessa region was the first in Ukraine to complete the inventory of vineyards

The Odessa region completed the first vineyard cadastre in Ukraine. It contains full information about the location and area of plantations, the status of the land, the characteristics of the soil and the microclimate, as well as the variety and the kind of wine it is made of. This was reported in the department of agrarian policy of the Odessa regional state administration.

"Now it is possible to provide relevant information not only to those who are already engaged in viticulture, but also only plans. After all, in addition to the cadastre, cartograms of ecological conditions of areas that are traditionally suitable for viticulture and where the placement of new perennial plantations is possible. To do this, you need to choose a site, take part in the auction, get it and lay the vineyard, "said Ivan Petriv, head of the agricultural policy department of the Odessa Regional State Administration.

At present, the database of the Odessa region is full of information on more than 1600 plots of land under grape plantations of different varieties. The list includes 40 names of technical varieties, 56 tableware and 4 plantlets.

For this purpose, during 2015-2018, 175 vineyards were surveyed in the territory of 13 districts of the oblast. Their total area is about 17.5 thousand hectares. The periodic updating of the cadastre will be continued in the framework of the regional program "Agrarian Odeschina".

It should be noted that such a register works effectively in all wine-producing countries of the EU. Therefore, it is planned that when entering the external markets of the cadastre of vineyards will be useful to producers from the Odessa region. To the bar code on a bottle of wine, which will then go on sale, all information about the place of growing the raw materials ("from the vineyard to the bottle") will be included.

Recall that the Odessa region implements a project of the European Union, which will control the name and origin of wine on the standards of the EU. His goal is to search and set up geographical indications that reflect the unique traditions, cultural heritage and history of Ukraine. These indications create a clear link between "place-to-product" and enable producers from a particular geographical area to require information on the bottle to indicate where the goods come from.