Odesa intensifies measures to prevent COVID-19 coronavirus

27 February 2020, 16:15
Odesa intensifies measures to prevent COVID-19 coronavirus

On February 19, the Odesa Regional State Administration established a commission to prevent the transmission and spread of coronavirus

The Commission has developed a territorial plan for anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread and spread of coronavirus with the allocation of financial resources for the implementation of measures.

The commission included representatives of the SES, the National Police, the State Border Guard Service, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Laboratory Center and the departments of the Odesa Regional State Administration.

The following measures are currently being taken:

  • three rapid response teams were formed;
  • designated units in cities and districts that will provide medical care 24/7;
  • a scheme for re-profileing healthcare facilities in case of mass admission of patients has been developed;
  • planned creation of mobile medical teams for the active detection of patients;
  • formed reserve teams of doctors;
  • updated a contingency plan at each hospital;
  • In Odessa infectious hospital 20 boxes were prepared for 65 places - this is the main hospital base of the region. At the regional center, 5 more hospitals were prepared for patient admission as needed.

    In addition, they are ready to deploy a base in the city of Izmail in the south of Odesa.

    Each hospital in the districts prepared an intensive care unit.

    -Measures for communication:

    Conducting an information campaign on the prevention and prevention of coronavirus on the territory of Ukraine;

    Collaboration with the Red Cross on public awareness. They assist in the distribution of information posters on the prevention, treatment and spread of coronavirus in social infrastructure institutions;

    educational work is carried out among the population. In particular, yesterday, the Department of Education and Science sent a letter to all schools in the region to provide classes for students to talk about coronavirus and how to prevent it from spreading.

    Also yesterday and today we hold open lectures on infection in the region.

    Informing travel agencies and operators about infection risks;

    Letters from the RSA to catering establishments, entertainment establishments, and other mass gathering cities for disinfectants and should enhance the current disinfection regime;

    Holding a meeting and briefing with the participation of the SES, the National Police, the State Border Guard Service, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Laboratory Center and the departments of Odesa Regional State Administration

    Additional activities include:

    Airport checkpoints are already checking the temperature when registering at risk;

    Each district has identified sites for temporary isolation and observation of certain categories of population in cases of massive coronavirus disease;

    It should be noted that at the airport of Odesa for a month the temperature of passengers is checked, and in sea ports also closely monitor the status of crews.

    On February 13, the port of Odesa received a three-meter container ship from China, on which crew members were ill.

    Doctors in special suits inspected the crew and the ship. At the ready was a special quarantine isolator. The survey was carried out by employees of the MoH Laboratory Center on Water.

    None of the sailors and crew members were found to have a coronavirus