Government news: Savings subsidies can be used next month

04 December 2018, 10:30
Government news: Savings subsidies can be used next month

As in previous heating seasons, a saved subsidy can be used next month to pay for consumed over the high social tax rate for gas, water or electricity.

For example, the October October subsidy (incomplete heating month) was credited to a family of 550 UAH. Obligatory household payment 820 UAH. But in October only 13 cubic meters of gas was consumed, for which its actual cost was paid - 92.26 UAH. In the next month, the family has the right to pay for the gas consumed in excess of the price saved by the subsidy in the previous month.

Or, for example, in November the mandatory payment is 1,000 hryvnias at a social norm of 400 cubic meters of gas, and in fact only 100 cubic meters are used. The balance of 300 cubes can be used in colder months. At the same time, no one needs to report anything - these amounts must be indicated by the payment service provider as overpayment (minus).

If the cost of the actually consumed service is less than the amount of the mandatory payment, the subsidy is entitled to pay only the cost of the actually consumed service. If the size of the mandatory payment for a certain service is 200 UAH per month, but the household consumed it only for 120 UAH, the actual consumption will be subject to payment, that is 120 UAH.

The amount of the subsidy granted by the state to citizens for the payment of utility bills in the amount of social standards and not used by the family last month as a result of electricity, gas or water savings must be credited to the service provider for payment of services for subsequent accounting periods.

If the performer of housing and communal services "ignores" the saved subsidy and calculates otherwise, he violates the current legislation (the Cabinet resolution №848 "On simplification of the procedure for granting subsidies to the population for the reimbursement of expenses for the payment of housing and communal services, the purchase of liquefied gas, solid and liquid furnace household fuel ").

In the case of violation of such rights, Ukrainians can complain to heads of enterprises providing services, and in the absence of reaction - to local authorities or local self-government bodies.

Recall that in October 2018, the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov instructed to inform the region's population as much as possible: who, according to new criteria, is entitled to a subsidy when paying for housing and communal services and how to make it.

The size of your subsidy can be found online - on the site and at the hotline number 0800-50-27-57.