Government News: Prices for the most popular medicines will be reduced

04 April 2019, 16:30
Government News: Prices for the most popular medicines will be reduced

Since July, the regulation of prices for all medicines from the national list at their purchase for medical institutions for budgetary funds is set. It is 427 drugs (INN) for the basic treatment of the most common diseases that are most commonly used by Ukrainians. Prices for them should not be higher than in the 5 neighboring (reference) countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Latvia.

According to preliminary estimates, due to the introduction of regulation will be reduced prices for more than 100 names of drugs. This will make it possible to save about UAH 214 million for the budget. For these funds, medical institutions will be able to purchase additional volumes of medicines for the free treatment of patients in the hospital. The list of INNs to which regulation is applied will be updated once a year.

In addition, for all medicines from the list, a regressive allowance for pharmacies will be introduced: the higher the cost of the drug, the lower the premium they will be able to set.

Let's remind, for two years the program "Available medicines", which gives an opportunity to receive the medicine from chronic diseases free of charge or with insignificant additional payment operates. It already has 7 million citizens. The price of drugs included in the program was established by state regulation - they should not exceed the price of similar drugs in neighboring countries. As a result, prices for "affordable medicines" decreased by an average of 10%, and for some of them - by 45%. Now in the program 258 drugs, 64 of them can be obtained completely free of charge.