News of the Ministry of Defense: Ukraine has a system of social privileges and guarantees for reservists

06 December 2018, 18:00
News of the Ministry of Defense: Ukraine has a system of social privileges and guarantees for reservists

In Ukraine, a system of social privileges and guarantees for reserveists under the contract and operational reserve has been established and functioning. Thus, for the period of passage of the reserve reservists guaranteed:

- saving the place of work;

- average monthly earnings at the place of work;

- state insurance at the time of collection.

In addition, the reservist is provided with free meals, accommodation, medical care and military uniforms during meetings. As for money incentives and payments, the reservist for 30 days of training in the year is paid:

- cash payment at the rate of two minimum wages per month, which is from 2,600 to 3,500 UAH. Payment of these funds to reservists is carried out in the military part immediately after the expiry of the fees;

- for temporarily not working - the minimum wage in the amount of up to 1800 UAH;

- Daily for each day of collection - from 360 to 900 UAH. depending on the military rank;

- one-time money incentives (paid in January of the current year based on the results of the year), the size of which depends on the military rank and varies from 1600 to 3100 UAH.

The total amount of cash payments to reservists for a month of training in a year ranges from UAH 5,200 to ordinary and up to UAH 8,666 to senior officers. It also provides compensation to the reservist of the cost of travel to the place of collection and in the opposite direction (or the delivery of a serviceman is carried out by the military commissariat). And the employer of the working reservist - the compensation of the average monthly salary for the entire time of performance of the duty officer in the military reserve (for 1 month - not less than 3 723 USD).

For detailed information, a separate hotline has been created in the General Staff: (067) 332-79-86 - on the organization of the reservists' meeting, 0-800-500-051 - on the military service under the contract, including those wishing to enter the Ukrainian military.

Also, there is currently a bill in the Verkhovna Rada that provides for a significant increase in motivational factors for reservists. In particular, the transition to the payment of reserve money to servicemen at the level of servicemen under the contract during the service, the granting of a pre-emptive right to enter the civil service, early retirement, and so on.

Department of Public Relations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine