The population of the Odesa region will be reimbursed losses from the Chornobyl AS

27 June 2018, 18:00
The population of  the Odesa region will be reimbursed  losses from the Chornobyl AS

The prevention and elimination of the consequences of African swine fever in the region continues. Owners of animals that have suffered damage through the AFS, will necessarily receive compensation from the budget. This was announced by Svitlana Shatalova, deputy chairman of the Odessa regional state administration.

"Since the beginning of the year, 42 cases of the disease have been recorded on the territory of Romania. The last flash was registered in the village of Tulch, which is located near Izmail district. At present, measures taken by the legislation are being used to prevent the spread of the virus. We cooperate fruitfully with the bodies of the National Police and the State Border Guard Service, involving the SNS and the National Guard. The population will be fully compensated for the cost of the seized animals. Currently, unfortunately, there is no AFS vaccine. At the same time, entry of the virus into the economy can be prevented by adhering to a number of rules of biosafety ", - said Svetlana Shatalova.

Since the beginning of 2018, eleven cases have been registered in the region. There are two in the Savransky and Renziy district, one in Bolgradsky, and six in the Izhmylsk rayon. Large-scale informational and explanatory work is continuing.

On June 25, during the meeting of the State Emergency Antiepizootic Commission (DNPK) at the Odessa Regional State Administration, it was decided to take additional measures to prevent the spread of the disease to other territories. According to official statistics, since the beginning of the year, 67 cases of AHS have been detected in Ukraine, almost half (41%) of which have been registered among wild boars.