On the territory of two districts of the Odessa region a honey agro cluster was formed

20 March 2019, 10:00
On the territory of two districts of the Odessa region a honey agro cluster was formed

In the Odessa region, implementation of the pilot project "Agroindustrial cluster on development of beekeeping" begins. Its implementation will improve the level of collection and processing of honey, as well as increase the competitiveness of the finished product. The Bilyayevsky and Rozdilnyansky districts for a period of three years are defined as the project areas. This was reported by the deputy chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Svetlana Shatalova.

"Cluster development models have long been used in the EU and the US, they are among the most effective. Creating a honey cluster will allow us to enter a new level of processing honey and get a quality product. The project involves not only beekeepers but also leading scientists, representatives of local and regional authorities ", Svitlana Shatalova emphasized.

According to her, the plan for the development of the agro-industrial cluster for three years envisages a complex of measures. First of all, it is necessary to study the natural resource and ecological potential of the territories and determine the most productive zones for the collection of honey. On the basis of these data will be established unique honey assemblies for the formation of organic apiaries.

In the future, it is planned to sign agreements with the trading networks for the sale of products made by participants in the cluster. Thus, there will be cooperation between producers for the sale and development of new honey products. And due to the placement of apiaries in unique locations and the availability of authentic local products, it is possible to increase the tourist attractiveness of this locality.

As a result of the project implementation, it is expected to increase the living standards of the villagers, activate farms, create new competitive value-added products, expand the export geography and create new jobs.

The corresponding order on implementation of the project "Agroindustrial cluster for the development of beekeeping, production and sale of honey and products of its processing in the Odessa region" was signed by the head of the Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov on March 14.

Recall that at the end of February in the Odessa region discussed the creation and development of agro-ecological clusters in the countryside. At the moment, the initiative has begun in the region to form 5 clusters, and the actual preconditions for the organization have another 15 cluster formations.