Measures are being taken in Odesa to prevent the spread of the Chinese coronavirus

29 January 2020, 15:57
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No virus has been detected in Ukraine at this time. However, the disease has already spread to 18 countries. The closest of these to Ukraine is Austria. 6081 cases are known, of which 98.5% are registered in China. There were 132 deaths reported.

“The main clinical signs and symptoms of coronavirus are fever and shortness of breath, rapid onset and early development of pneumonia. In case of spread of the virus to the territory of Ukraine we expect a high need for medicines for the treatment of pneumonia. According to WHO, 25% of patients have a severe complication of the disease and require artificial lung ventilation, which in the future will put a heavy burden on medical institutions, especially the intensive care and intensive care unit, "- said in. at. Director of the Department of Health of Odesa Regional State Administration Oksana Sorochan.

In order to prevent the spread of the virus on the territory of the region, the TEB and NA Committee at the Odesa Regional State Administration decided to take the following measures.

- Heads of RDAs, cities of regional importance and OTG will approve hospitals to provide medical assistance to victims. They should also allocate additional funds for the purchase of medical equipment, medicines and respirators. Hospitals must be equipped with the necessary medicines and equipment.

- There will be round-the-clock medical check-ups for persons who come from countries with infectious risk. Currently 68 citizens have been checked.

- Odessa airport should check passengers from countries of infectious risk with the help of thermal stars.

- The Department of Health of the Regional State Administration will calculate medicines and personal medicines. In addition to the Finance Department, it will provide funds for the purchase of artificial ventilation apparatus, multifunction monitors and infusomats. The department also needs to form first responders to transport coronavirus patients.

- The administration of the Industrial Goods Market (7 km) should develop its own plan of action in case of detection of a patient with a cornivirus and purchase personal protective equipment.

- Rectors of universities should form a list of students who have arrived for study after January 1, 2020 and provide their daily medical examination.

"As for the so-called" quarantine ". We have recommended that all schools in the region process information on SARS and influenza incidence in their respective areas. If they find that the epidemiological threshold is exceeded, we propose to suspend training ”, - said Denys Vanash, Deputy Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration.


Coronaviruses are a large family of respiratory viruses that can cause disease: from the common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome.

According to WHO, the average number of people who can be infected by one coronavirus patient is up to 3 people (for comparison, from a particularly dangerous disease caused by the Ebola virus 2-3 people, from a patient with polio - 5-7 people, from a patient with measles - 12 -18 people,). The incubation period is from a few days to 14 days.