In the Odesa region honor the memory of the Heroes of Kruty

29 January 2020, 16:12
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The Odesa region honors the memory of the heroes who died in the Battle of Kruty in 1918. Deputy Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Vitalii Svichynskyi participated in laying flowers near the memorial plaque named after Ivan and Yuri Lip - Odesa fighters for the independence of Ukraine in the XX century.

“Today in Odesa we pay tribute to the memory of the Kruty Heroes. 102 years ago, on this day, 300 young guys took the battle against the Bolshevik invaders. They will remain forever in our hearts, in our memory, because their act embodies the courage, courage, desire for freedom of the Ukrainian people.

In today's difficult conditions of defenders of Ukraine we proudly call "cyborgs". They, with their patriotism, courage and heroism, continue the glorious historical military tradition of our ancestors, ”said the Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Vitali Svichynskyi.

Today, the memory of heroes is also honored in educational establishments of the region, where thematic events and lectures take place.

The celebrations were attended by servicemen, members of the public and clergy.

For life: The Battle of Kruty - the battle that took place on January 29, 1918 near the village of Kruty and the village of Pamyatne in the territory of the modern Chernihiv region 130 kilometers northeast of Kiev.

Under Kruty, the defenders of the Ukrainian statehood executed the command and held the defense. Which enabled the Ukrainian delegation to conclude the Brest Peace Treaty, which enshrined the young Ukrainian statehood.