A commission was created in Odesa to prevent the spread and spread of a coronavirus

19 February 2020, 17:05
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A temporary anti-epidemic commission was set up at a closed meeting in the Odesa Regional State Administration to fulfill the Cabinet of Ministers' instructions. It will develop a territorial plan for anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread and spread of coronavirus with the allocation of financial resources to implement measures in accordance with the plan. This was reported by the head of the Regional State Administration Maksym Kutsyi.

The commission included representatives of the SES, the National Police, the State Border Guard Service, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Laboratory Center and the departments of the Odesa Regional State Administration. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration Vitalii Svichynskyi.

As of February 19, 75 201 infected people are known, of whom 2010 died, almost 15,000 were recovered. Outside China, there are 1016 cases reported in 25 countries worldwide. In Ukraine, no suspected coronavirus infection has been identified.

The following measures are currently being taken:

  • three rapid response teams were formed;
  • designated units in cities and districts that will provide medical care 24/7;
  • a scheme for re-profileing healthcare facilities in case of mass admission of patients has been developed;
  • planned creation of mobile medical teams for the active detection of patients;
  • reserve teams of doctors are formed;
  • a corrective action plan was identified at each hospital;
  • Educational work is carried out among the population.
  • “At a closed-door meeting in the Odesa ODA, I approved a number of additional measures to prevent the virus from entering the region. Have agreed with the doctors a plan of action if patients with signs of illness arrive to the area. The main hospital base will be the infectious hospital of Odesa. 20 boxes of 65 seats are ready to treat patients.

    "Severe" patients in need of resuscitation will be hospitalized to additional bases, which are six in Odessa and in areas of the region - 11. In the region, first responders are ready for work, and reserve groups of doctors have undergone additional training ", - said the head of Odesa Regional State Administration Maksym Kutsyi.

    Additional activities include:

    1. ensure that travel agencies and operators are informed of the risks of infection;

    2. restaurants, cinemas, airports, bus and train stations, as well as other cities of mass gathering of people should be provided with disinfectants and should strengthen the regime of current disinfection;

    3. checkpoint workers should use special masks and gloves when designing persons from at-risk countries;

    4. to determine places for temporary isolation and observation of certain categories of the population in mass cases of diseases of coronavirus infection;

    5. provide additional funds for the purchase of equipment, masks and disinfectants;

    6. provide pharmacies with antiviral, therapeutic and vitamin preparations.