In Odesa Oblast will create an ecological network to protect the nature of the region

27 January 2020, 10:33
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On the initiative of the Odesa Regional State Administration, the work of the coordination council on the formation of the ecological network of the Odesa region was restored. The council is comprised of leading scientists, representatives of responsible government agencies and the public.

“The Odesa region is a unique territory with various natural systems and complexes. That is why the formation of the eco-network is a priority task to preserve the identity of nature protection zones, ”- said Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Denys Vanash.

According to experts, it is necessary to ensure the sustainable development of the environment, to preserve biodiversity and natural heritage for future generations. Creation of a national eco-network is, among other things, a commitment of Ukraine to its international partners.

The status of both small and large rivers needs to be detailed to preserve them as nature conservation features, to improve the hydrochemical and hydrobiological status of rivers and surface waters, to define boundaries and to give conservation status to those areas in need.

“Creating an ecological network is one of the most important priorities for ensuring sustainable, efficient and environmentally balanced development of Ukraine.

This network will include water and forest lands, wellness and recreational land. It is necessary to ensure proper protection and conservation of valuable natural complexes of Odessa region. This will be the main task of the Ecological Coordination Council, ”said Denys Vanash, Deputy Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration.

At the next meeting, the coordination council will formulate a plan of measures to protect the nature of the Odesa region.