A reservoir rescue plan is being developed in Odesa

19 February 2020, 17:40
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At the meeting of the profile scientific and technical council of the Odesa Regional State Administration discussed the problematic issues of restoring the ecosystem of the Prydunavia lakes.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Denys Vanash. Directors of profile departments, leading academics, government officials and the public were also present.

Experts have outlined possible steps for restoration of the Danube reservoirs, namely: Lake Sasyk, Kuyalnytskyi estuary and Lake Katlabug.

According to scientists, the restoration of the ecosystem of Lake Sasyk needs to be addressed in a comprehensive way, but already there is a need for resuscitation measures. The solution to this problem can be the connection of Sasik with the sea, for this it is necessary to design and construct a hydraulic engineering structure.

Environmentalists have stressed that the construction of the site must be agreed with the Basin Council, and updates on the status of Lake Sasyk.

In addition, the Ecological Council considered the question of replenishing the water of Lake Katlabug in the Izmail District.

“A plan of action is needed to restore the ecosystem of the reservoirs of Odesa region. It is necessary to obtain a feasibility study on the ecological status of the reservoirs and to create a strategic plan of action taking into account the weather and climatic conditions. It is impossible to act without these indicators. The weather conditions this year have created an acute threat to the shallowing of the Danube reservoirs, we will turn to the Regional Council for the allocation of funds from the regional budget for the restoration and conservation of the ecosystem of natural objects, "- said the deputy head of Odesa Regional State Administration Denys Vanash.