Avian influenza has not been detected in Odesa

29 January 2020, 09:41
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At present, the virus has revealed itself only in the Nemyriv district of Vinnytsia region. Because of the bird flu, 140,000 privately and communal animals have been killed there. The head of department of safety of food products and veterinary medicine of the State Consumer Service in the Odesa region Volodymyr Hiska reported about it.

In Odesa region, in order to prevent all bird households, it was recommended to switch to closed mode. The region is constantly monitored and explained to people how to protect themselves against bird flu.

“We advise people to stick to thermal treatment of products. Meat should be cooked well, fried eggs on both sides, eggs should be cooked only in a steep way, ”said Volodymyr Hiska.

It should be noted that there are currently four million birds in the region's households. First Deputy Head of Odesa Regional State Administration Vyacheslav Ovechkin ordered an urgent report on the spread of avian influenza.