In Odesa region presented the program "Smart City"

06 February 2020, 16:18
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IoT Ukraine presented the Smart City program to the Odesa Regional State Administration. The initiative will reduce energy consumption, optimize urban services, and improve citizens' comfort.

According to the developers, the main problems of cities today are:

- up to 30% of vehicles on central roads are looking for parking;

- street lighting accounts for up to 40% of all government spending;

- 100% increase in the amount of municipal waste is expected for the period 2010-2025;

- occupying 2% of the total Earth's territory, cities emit 80% of carbon dioxide.

The concept will help to remedy this situation. It is applied in such areas as industry, logistics, agriculture, environment, transport and traffic, parking, waste management, smart lighting, protection and safety of residents.

“At the moment, the program is an effective way of transmitting information. For residents, it is comfort. For business, an area with growth prospects and infrastructure for development. And for the authorities it is a space within which decisions are made on the basis of data processed by intelligent systems, ”- said First Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Vyacheslav Ovechkin.

The Smart City program already has a positive track record in Europe.