Maxim Stepanov said that the school of Balta will be restored as soon as possible

11 July 2018, 14:56
Maxim Stepanov  said that the school of Balta will  be restored  as soon as possible

A school in the city of Balta, Odesa region, where the fire occurred at night, will be restored in the shortest possible time. This was stated during the on-site hardware meeting by the chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov.

"I sent to the place of the representative of the capital construction department to urgently make the relevant acts and determine the previous amount necessary for the reconstruction of the school building. Immediately after the hardware meeting, I personally go to Balta. There are several tasks at the moment: urgently find an alternative to nearly 700 students in this school. The learning process should not stop. It is necessary to find opportunities for the children to go to school on the first of September. And the second is urgently, in the most urgent terms, to restore the school ", - emphasized Maxim Stepanov.

It should be noted that the fire took place from 10 to 11 July at the educational complex "Baltska secondary school of І-ІІІ degrees №3-collegium". The roof and third floor of the building suffered significant destruction, partially damaged the ceiling between the second and third floors. No injured. According to preliminary information, a fire at the school occurred due to the lightning strike in the building. Representatives of the State Emergency Situations Department sent a special incident to determine the exact cause of the fire.

Certificate. "The Baltic secondary school of the I-III grades №3-Collegium" was founded in 1936. It is located in the western part of the city in a typical three-story building. 669 students study at the school, 64 pedagogical and 30 technical workers work.