Maxim Stepanov summed up the results for 2018

16 January 2019, 14:30
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The chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov summed up the activities of 2018, namely: on the development of infrastructure, tourism, modern technologies in education, availability of medical and social security, investment attraction and creation of new workplaces. During the press conference, the region's leader spoke about all areas of work.

"In my opinion, the main thing that power should do is to bring about positive changes so that every inhabitant of the region could feel it for themselves. Hopefully, in 2018, we succeeded in such changes ", - said the head of the Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov at the beginning of the conversation with journalists.

The regional shareholder stressed that road repair is extremely important for the inhabitants and guests of the Odessa region. At present, 450 kilometers have been repaired, including 190 cars over the past year. Six vehicles were bought in order to fight overwhelming cars that destroy the new coating.

At the same time, new objects and capacities appeared in the field of medicine. With the discovery of a reperfusion center in Izmail in 2018, the formation of an entire network was completed. From now on, a patient with myocardial infarction will receive timely help in any area of the region. In addition, the queue for hemodialysis has been completely eliminated and 31 ambulatory and FAP have been repaired, and another "from scratch" was built in Mayakov.

"Telemedicine, which is just beginning to introduce other regions, we have been successfully working for over a year. We purchased 168 mobile diagnostic systems and opened two more Emergency Departments. We strive to provide an equally high level of care to both the city's residents and villagers - with modern technologies, professional doctors, "said Maxim Stepanov.

Separately, the head of the region has focused on education, describing how modern technology becomes available even in the most remote schools. As a result, 100 new cabinets of distance education and 51 - for in-depth study of natural and mathematical disciplines are currently being arranged. All schools in the area are provided with the Internet. In the complex, this allowed in 2018 to launch a unique project of distance education "Teacher +".

"The main thing - we started to open new objects. Last year, three schools and two kindergartens were built. No less attention is paid to the construction of inclusive-resource centers and vocational education ", - added Maxim Stepanov.

It should be noted that during the year 33 platforms of different types were constructed. About 70,000 graduates have used the free BeSmart platform to prepare for external testing.

Maxim Stepanov also noted an increase in the number of tourists who visited the Odessa region last year to 6.2 million. To activate the tourist flow, in particular, opened 19 new tourist routes, held about 50 festivals.

He separately elaborated on the economic opportunities of the region: income from the Odessa customs, investment projects, assistance to small and medium businesses, as well as development of territorial communities. In particular, he said that the total cost of investment projects currently under way is $ 2 billion. Due to the decentralization process initiated by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, OTGs received almost 92 million hryvnias of state subsidies for their own infrastructure projects. All of them were implemented in 2018.

Recall that these priorities are part of the Strategic Action Plan of the Chairman of the Odessa Oblast State Administration Maxim Stepanov in 2017-2019, "Intelligent Region".

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